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The Fritillaria Assyriaca, (Uva-Vulpis) will produce bell-shaped pendants that will look absolutely beautiful in your garden. They are purplish grey, with a yellow edged rim.

(W399) 4.99 (Pack of 50)
(W400) 7.98 (Pack of 100)
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This Fritillaria will bear orange-red pendants in spring.

(B588) 9.99 (Pack of 3)
(C588) 15.98 (Pack of 6)
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The Giant Fritillaria Crown Imperiall is a very popular variety of fritillaria, due to the very beautiful shaped pendants that it produces. This particular variety has bright yellow flowers, with a group of upright leaf-like…

(B586) 9.99 (Pack of 3)
(C586) 15.98 (Pack of 6)
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The snakes head fritiallaria is ever growing in popularity due to the unusual shaped pendants that it produces in spring. It will display the most bizarre, yet beautiful white bell-shaped flowers that look excellent when…

(B591) 8.99 (Pack of 25)
(E591) 17.98 (Pack of 75)
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A striking new variety that bears rounded reddish purple bells, and deep yellow tips.

(W391) 7.99 (Pack of 15)
(W392) 13.98 (Pack of 30)
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Each stem is laden with clusters of exotic bells. Flowers are maroon purple with a wide edge of greenish yellow. Height 15cm.

(W393) 7.99 (Pack of 5)
(W394) 13.98 (Pack of 10)
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Producing a stem of up to 100cm, with bell-shaped flowers of dark purple. 16-18cm bulbs supplied.

(B592) 7.99 (Pack of 3)
(C592) 12.98 (Pack of 6)
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Spikes of greenish white bells. A great contrast. 18cm+ bulbs supplied.

Previously sold for 34.00 per 10 or 320.00 per 100.

(W395) 7.99 (Each)
(W396) 19.97 (Pack of 3)
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This really is one of the most amazing varieties of fritillaria possible. This Giant Fritillaria Crown Imperial really is one of the most amazing varieties of fritillaria possible. It will display spectacular orange-red pendants…

(B587) 9.99 (Pack of 3)
(C587) 15.98 (Pack of 6)
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Looks like an imperialis type with lime greenish-yellow flowers faintly lined with burgundy. Height 35-40cm. Flowers from April.

(W397) 8.99 (Each)
(W398) 15.98 (Pack of 2)
10 products
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