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Triumph Tulips

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15 Cream, 15 White, 15 Purple, 15 Pink and 15 Flaming (purple/white). Shades of white and cream blend into lilac hues and brighter purples and pinks. These Flag tulip varieties complement each other perfectly.

(B115) 19.95 (Pack of 75)
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15 Shirley (white/lavender) and 15 Attila (violet-red). Bring a spectrum of purple shades to your garden with the ever-changing Shirley Embrace Tulip Collection.

(B155) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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15 Attila Grafitti (red/purple), 15 Snowstar (white), 15 Paul Scherer (deep blue-black), 15 Innuendo (pink), 15 Yellow Flight and 15 Annie Schilder (orange). Make a bold statement with our specially selected triumph tulips…

(B177) 24.94 (Pack of 90)
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A delightful mix of colours. Ht. 30-50cm. Fl. April-May.

(B178) 6.99 (Pack of 25)
(E178) 13.98 (Pack of 100)
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Stocky 40-50cm tall and will flower that little bit earlier than the tall May flowering varieties. Wind resistant. 11/12cm bulbs supplied.

(B179) 7.99 (Pack of 25)
(E179) 15.98 (Pack of 75)
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Deep rose, beautifully formed flowers, excellent bedding Tulip. Height 55cm, flowering mid-May.

(W225) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(W226) 9.99 (Pack of 30)
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15 El Nino (orange/salmon), 15 Shirley?s Dream (cream/violet), 15 Hemisphere (pink/white) and 15 Montevideo (yellow/orange). Each of these rare tulip varieties produce colour changing petals that begin one colour with darker…

(B092) 21.96 (Pack of 60)
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30 Shirley/Attila (white/violet), 30 Jimmy/Ronaldo (coral/maroon), 30 Carnaval de Rio/Hollandia (white/red) and 30 Pink Clearwater/Clearwater (pink/white). All varieties flower at the same time, providing you with the ultimate…

(B165) 29.92 (Pack of 120)
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15 Carnaval De Rio (white streaked red) and 15 Hollandia (red). Bring a swathe of red and white colour to your spring garden with this collection, which includes the flamboyant white streaked red Carnaval De Rio, and the…

(B158) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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15 Jimmy (orange/coral) and 15 Ronaldo (deep maroon). In spring we are used to seeing tulips in candy coloured brights and soft pastels - break away from tradition with this unique colour combination which is sure to turn…

(B164) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
66 products Pages:[1] 2 3 4 5 6 7
products per page: