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Double Daffodils/Narcissi

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15 Cheerfulness (white) and 15 Yellow Cheerfulness. Showy double daffodils in classic white and yellow shades.

(B314) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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15 Obdam (white), 15 Sir Winston Churchill (cream), 15 Ice King (cream/yellow), 15 Replete (white/apricot), 15 Tahiti (yellow/orange) and 15 Dick Wilden (yellow). These extravagant ruffled blooms are sure to make a bold statement…

(B311) 24.94 (Pack of 90)
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This English grown variety is extremely sturdy and fragrant, and looks particularly effective as part of cut flower displays. It is an RHS award winning daffodil and displays the most amazing double pure white perianth, with…

(B312) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(C312) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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There is no better way to welcome in the spring that with a beautiful collection of daffodils. There striking sulphur-yellow flowers will help create a picturesque setting to sit out and enjoy the natural beauty of the English…

(B310) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(C310) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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A beautiful paeony shaped double flowering daffodil that produces the most colourful deep-yellow blooms. This is a great all round daffodil that is particularly good for planting in masses.

(W605) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(W606) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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A highly recommended variety that will provide limitless pleasure for years to come. This peony shaped double flowering daffodil comprises of pale yellow outer petals, with darker yellow centres that will turn to ivory-white…

(B308) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(C308) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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Nothing looks as classical or eye-catching as a collection of white daffodils in the spring. This is quite simply a stunning pure white peony headed variety that will easily take centre stage as part of a mixed colour daffodil…

(B306) 6.99 (Pack of 15)
(C306) 11.98 (Pack of 30)
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A magnificent addition to your daffodil displays that has the added benefit of being fragrant. This variety presents the most unusual mix of white flowers with apricot-pink centres, which are an excellent choice if you covet…

(B305) 6.99 (Pack of 15)
(C305) 11.98 (Pack of 30)
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This double flowering daffodil is highly recommended and will create attractive blooms in your spring garden. They bear clusters of dainty white flowers with small orange-yellow interspersed in the centre, and are excellent…

(B307) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(C307) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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Quite simply a stunningly beautiful daffodil, that will provide double blooms of deep golden yellow, petals interspersed in centre with smaller ones of orange-red. They are long-lasting and will offer pleasure for years to…

(B309) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(C309) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
17 products Pages:[1] 2
products per page: