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Crowded heads of purple-crimson drumsticks, fine for cutting. The flowers open green, then start to turn purple from the top, creating unsual two -tone flower heads. Great when planted with perennials in the border. 5cm+…

(B027) 1.99 (Pack of 50)
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A fine mixture of Anemone Blanda that will include some of the most amazing shades of blue, pinks and whites possible in any mixed collection. A great choice for mixed rockery displays.

(B578) 4.99 (Pack of 50)
(E578) 9.98 (Pack of 200)
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Superb small evergreen shrub produces a mass of blooms in April and May. Bushy 20-25cm plants supplied. One each of Azalea Red, Lilac, Orange and White.

(H055) 13.98 (Pack of 4)
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We have chosen 8 vibrant and contrasting Blue and White varieties of cottage Perennials. The collection consists of 3 each of Delphinium Blue, Campanula medium White, Campanula medium Blue, Gypsophylla White, Campanula Glomerata,…

(P298) 14.98 (Pack of 24)
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A mixture of shades of blue, pink and white. Five to ten small flowers per stem. Flower Feb-March. Height 10-15cm.

(B632) 4.99 (Pack of 50)
(E632) 9.98 (Pack of 200)
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This spectacular shrub has brilliant crimson winter shoots. Plant at the back of a border as shoots will reach 1.8-2.4m. Will stand out like a belisha beacon when all has defoliated round it in winter. Pleasing green leaves…

(H013) 1.99 (Each)
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6 Delphiniums Mixed, 6 Hollyhocks mixed, 6 Dwarf Lupins Mixed and 6 Digitalis Mixed. Flower spikes are the staple of any cottage garden - and our ranged collection will provide you with quaint pea-like blooms, bee-attracting…

(P094) 13.98 (Pack of 24)
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25 Chrysanthus Prince Claus (blue-purple/white), 25 Barrs Purple (lilac/violet), 25 Chrysanthus Fuscotinctus (yellow), 25 Chrysanthus Romance (cream/yellow), 25 Chrysanthus Ard Schenk (white) and 25 Sieberi Firefly (white/pale…

(B462) 14.97 (Pack of 150)
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Pale creamy yellow flowers with orange stigmata, very free flowering from February onwards. 5cm+ corms supplied. Superb for naturalising in areas where they can produce a larger display each year.

(B011) 2.99 (Pack of 50)
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A very striking ruby-purple, showy and outstanding botanical Crocus, flowering slightly earlier than the larger flowering varieties. Great for naturalising. 5cm+ corms supplied.

(B010) 2.99 (Pack of 50)
58 products Pages:[1] 2 3 4 5 6
products per page: