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Late Autumn or Winter Flowering

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Tall slender tree with white peeling bark. A garden designers favourite. Supplied in a 3 Litre Pot.

(H391) 16.99 (Each)
(H392) 31.98 (Pack of 2)
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The Lilac flowers in summer are delightful, the Pinkish autumn foliage is beautiful and the masses of Purple fruit in winter are amazing. Height 1.5m. Birds are attracted to the fruit. Best planted in groups of three, 45cm…

(H158) 11.99 (Pack of 3)
(H159) 21.98 (Pack of 6)
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Introduced from China. The fragrant flowers are produced on leafless branches in winter. Ht. 2-2.5m.

(W678) 6.99 (Each)
(W679) 11.98 (Pack of 2)
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3 Cornus Collection. One each of Alba Siberica, Kesserlringii and Flaviramea.

(W710) 10.48 (Pack of 3)
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Vivid winter colour. Perfect for imaginative indoor winter displays. Dark purple-black stems. Green leaves flush purple turning reddish-purple in autumn. Height and spread 2m.

(W704) 6.99 (Each)
(W705) 13.98 (Pack of 3)
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A large slow growing shrub with Japanese origins. Covered in White flowers in early summer. Spectacular autumn/winter foliage of rich Bronze, Orange and Crimson. Height and spread in 10 years 3m.

(W702) 15.99 (Each)
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A spectacular shrub with vivid orange winter shoots. Stands out when all has defoliated around it in winter. Green leaves in summer turning to a delightful autumn colour. Effective when planted in three's.

(H166) 5.99 (Each)
(H167) 11.98 (Pack of 3)
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This spectacular shrub has brilliant crimson winter shoots. Plant at the back of a border as shoots will reach 1.8-2.4m. Will stand out like a belisha beacon when all has defoliated round it in winter. Pleasing green leaves…

(H013) 1.99 (Each)
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A beautiful winter flowering shrub (Feb/Mar) producing an abundance of small Yellow flowers on naked branches. Non-Poisonous red berries follow. The leaves turn Reddish Purple in autumn. Recommended. Ht. 2-3m.

(W706) 3.99 (Each)
(W707) 7.98 (Pack of 3)
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Vivid Yellow stems in winter. Green leaves turning purple in autumn. Height and spread 2m.

(W708) 6.99 (Each)
(W709) 13.98 (Pack of 3)
35 products Pages:[1] 2 3 4
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