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HT Roses (Traditional Large Blooms)

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An inexpensive way to buy top quality roses. Hybrid Tea and Floribunda varieties.

Was 29.94 for a pack of 6, now only 12.99 each, saving over 55% off RRP.

(H380) 12.99 (Pack of 6)
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1 Rhapsody in Blue (purple, floribunda), 1 Black Baccara (maroon, HT) and 1 Champagne Moment (cream, floribunda). The last ten years have seen a huge increase in the number of roses developed and has helped to revolutionise…

(H200) 14.98 (Pack of 3)
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1 Joie de Vivre (creamy pink/peach), 1 Moment in Time (red), 1 Super Trooper (orange), 1 Absolutely Fabulous (yellow), 1 Hot Chocolate (brown) and 1 Tickled Pink (vivid pink). This popular collection includes the winners…

(H318) 23.94 (Pack of 6)
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1 Blue Moon (silvery blue), 1 Fragrant Cloud (red), 1 Harry Wheatcroft (red/yellow), 1 Silver Jubilee (salmon), 1 Dutch Gold (yellow), 1 Pascali (white), 1 Peace (pink/cream), 1 Lovers Meeting (orange), 1 Double Delight (red/cream)…

(H364) 24.95 (Pack of 10)
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A fragrant HT rose. The buds and young flowers are the deepest maroon. As they flowers age they become a lighter maroon. Upright habit, height 90cm, spread 40cm. Fl. June-Sept.

(H196) 7.99 (Each)
(H197) 15.98 (Pack of 3)
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Hybrid Tea Roses, or bush roses as they are often referred to will produce large blooms. Large ice-blue flowers of perfect form, carried on vigorous trees. Strongly scented.

(H344) 4.99 (Each)
(H345) 9.98 (Pack of 3)
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Creamy white centres with red edges. A HT rose with a height of up to 1m.

(H360) 4.99 (Each)
(H361) 9.98 (Pack of 3)
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Deep golden yellow. Large flowers in profusion, fragrant. Well shaped flowers.

(H352) 4.99 (Each)
(H353) 9.98 (Pack of 3)
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Strongly coloured blooms. Yellow outside. Inside petals yellow with red stripes.

(H348) 4.99 (Each)
(H349) 9.98 (Pack of 3)
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Clear Indian orange, bronzy green foliage. Flowers in profusion.

(H358) 4.99 (Each)
(H359) 9.98 (Pack of 3)
14 products Pages:[1] 2
products per page: