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Grasses and Bamboo

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A majestic quick growing showy plant which gives the garden that oriental feel. Tolerates damp soil and is wind resistant. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

(P262) 7.99 (Each)
(P263) 15.98 (Pack of 3)
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A clump forming bamboo with stems of red/purple. Tall with multiple stems. Ht 3m. Plant supplied in a 2 litre pot.

(P256) 19.99 (Each)
(P257) 35.98 (Pack of 2)
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A major feature plant. When established (after 2-3 years) the combination of black and arching green is breathtaking. Not invasive. It can even be grown in a large patio container. Striking colour in winter. Plant supplied…

(P258) 19.99 (Each)
(P259) 34.98 (Pack of 2)
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One each of the oriental black bamboo and the red stemmed bamboo.

(P260) 34.98 (Pack of 2)
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We recommend that you plant these spectacular grasses as a group, the contrasting colour and form as illustrated is well worth recreating. One each of Carex Ornithopoda Variegated, Avena Sempervivens and Cylindrica 'Red Baron',…

(P264) 7.99 (Pack of 3)
(P265) 15.98 (Pack of 9)
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Beautiful purple foliage. Sword shaped flowers produced form Jun-Sep. Ht. 1.5m. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

(P266) 7.99 (Each)
(P267) 15.98 (Pack of 3)
6 products
products per page: