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Oriental Lilies

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A vibrant mix of this cut flower favourite, the colour and markings are fantastic. Each 30-40cm stem produces a bouquet of flowers up to 25-30cm in diameter. Plant 25cm apart for a full canopy of flowers. Supplied as 14/16cm…

(L039) 11.99 (Pack of 10)
(K039) 17.98 (Pack of 20)
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5 Pimento (pink), 5 Salmon Party (salmon pink), 5 Gold Band (yellow) and 5 Muscadet (white). This delightful dwarf lily collection is sturdy and colourful; ideal for both borders and pots.

(L034) 22.96 (Pack of 20)
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A colourful combination of double flowering oriental Lilies. Vibrant and fragrant blooms in the summer. Three each of Magic Star, Fifty Fifty, Broekn Heart and Polar Star. 18-20cm bulbs supplied.

(L851) 24.96 (Pack of 12)
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A mixture of exotic, double flowering Oriental Lilies. They produce beautiful, double flower heads on sturdy stems of 80-120cm, making they the perfect choice for growing at the back of the border. Bulbs supplied.

(Y476) 12.99 (Pack of 5)
(Y477) 22.98 (Pack of 10)
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A fine mix of fragrant oriental giant flowering lilies. Height 1.2m to 1.5m. Highly fragrant.

(L069) 8.99 (Pack of 10)
(K069) 17.98 (Pack of 30)
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3 Honeymoon (light yellow), 3 Miss Feya (deep red), 3 Robert Swanson (yellow with maroon), 3 Anastasia (soft pink with deep pink carmine bar) and 3 Miss Lily (deep red/purple edged with white). Make a bold statement with…

(L025) 19.97 (Pack of 15)
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5 Salinas (Purple), 5 Casa Blanca (white), 5 Tom Pouce (pink), 5 Venezuela (yellow/white), 5 Stargazer (red) and 5 Brasilia (white/pink). Create a delightful summer show with these fragrant oriental lilies, specially sourced…

(L066) 22.47 (Pack of 30)
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We have brought together five excellent oriental varieties that we feel are certain to add both colour and fragrance to any summer border. You will receive five each of Golden Stargazer, Josephine, Salmon Star, Starfighter…

(L830) 18.70 (Pack of 25)
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The oriental lily is an excellent choice to add something beautiful to your garden in the summer. They are very fragrant flowers and are one of the florists favourite when making up colourful bouquets. Improved from the old…

(L032) 8.99 (Pack of 5)
(K032) 17.98 (Pack of 15)
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A stunning oriental lily, white petals edged with a pink make this a real eye catcher. Flowers August-September.

(L065) 7.49 (Pack of 5)
(K065) 14.98 (Pack of 15)
28 products Pages:[1] 2 3
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