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Dessert, flavour of very fine pippin. September-October ripening.

(F710) 15.99 (Each)
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Golden green, medium sized fruit. Crops freely and keeps well. Ripens in October-November.

(F711) 15.99 (Each)
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Cooking. Easily grown succeeding everywhere. Very good keeper.

(F712) 15.99 (Each)
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Richly flavoured keeping dessert apple. Ripens in October-November.

(F713) 15.99 (Each)
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Cherry tree with large black cherries, tender and sweet in late June.

(F714) 15.99 (Each)
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Cranberries have been feted as the fruit for a healthy lifestyle. Like blackberries, very high in Vitamin C. Helps many medical ailments. Height 15cm. Spread 30-40cm

(W868) 5.99 (Each)
(W869) 9.98 (Pack of 2)
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One each of Dual Apple, Dual Pear and Dual Plum.

(W930) 49.97 (Pack of 3)
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A high productive variety of good flavour. The most popular and widely grown strain in this country.

(F716) 10.99 (Pack of 3)
(F717) 21.98 (Pack of 9)
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Large distinctly flavoured pear with a rose-water scent. A strong grower and very hardy. Cross pollinates with Doyenne du Commice. Late ripening.

(F718) 15.99 (Each)
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Very large fruit. Very juicy and sweet. Late ripening.

(F719) 15.99 (Each)
11 products Pages:[1] 2
products per page: