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A unique hybrid with upright silvery foliage. A cross between a painted fern and the lady traditional fern. Distinctive dark maroon mid-ribs. Colour best in spring.

(W982) 7.99 (Each)
(W983) 12.98 (Pack of 2)
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Vivid Red stems. Planted near Ursula's Red will create an amazing effect. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

(W984) 5.99 (Each)
(W985) 11.98 (Pack of 3)
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Spellbinding black ornamental grass. Violet purple flowers in summer. Forms a 25-30cm clump. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

(Y233) 7.99 (Each)
(Y234) 12.98 (Pack of 2)
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A swirling unconventional, vividly coloured grass. Each plant will grow only 15-25cm with a spread of 30cm.

(Y001) 5.99 (Each)
(Y002) 9.98 (Pack of 3)
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Coppery red young fronds which slowly mature to dark green. Height and spread 60cm.

(Y035) 5.99 (Each)
(Y036) 9.98 (Pack of 2)
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An exotic looking plant ideal for a patio or conservatory. Rosettes of spiny, tough foliage with brightly coloured innermost leaves as the plant prepares to flower in summer. White flowers. Hardy to -10 degrees. Height…

(Y061) 15.99 (Each)
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An evergreen with Silver Blue foliage which forms in a dense mound. The strongest blue of all grasses which makes an ideal container plant as illustrated or useful ground cover. Produces flower spikes in June. Height and…

(Y063) 8.99 (Pack of 3)
(Y064) 15.98 (Pack of 6)
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Collection is made up of (a) Phylitis-Harts Tongue Fern. Ht. 45cm. (b) Athyrium - Lady Fern. Ht. 75cm. (c) Matteuccia - The Ostrich Feather Fern. Ht. 60cm. Like a damp location. 9cm pot grown plants supplied.

(P268) 9.99 (Pack of 3)
(P269) 16.98 (Pack of 6)
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Commonly known as the Ostrich Feather, with upright feathery foliage. Height 80cm. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

(Y225) 4.99 (Each)
(Y226) 9.98 (Pack of 3)
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Sensational grass having green leaves with creamy white or pale yellow horizontal bands. Highly recommended. Supplied in a 9cm pot.

(Y227) 6.99 (Each)
(Y228) 11.98 (Pack of 2)
13 products Pages:[1] 2
products per page: