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Daffodils - Trumpet

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White perianth contrasting nicely with the deep lemon yellow trumpet. Flowering early March, height 40cm.

(B297) 5.49 (Pack of 15)
(C297) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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Broad and flat, much overlapping strong white perianth, standing at right angles to the very large and well-proportioned long pure white trumpet. The trumpet is creamy yellow when first open but turns to pure white as flower…

(B298) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(E298) 11.98 (Pack of 60)
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Why not try something unusual for your spring bulb display. Daffodil Salome has a sensational pink cup with a white perianth and can only be the focal point of any spring display. This novelty flowers at a height of 40cm…

(B301) 5.49 (Pack of 15)
(C301) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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Very early flowering with an enormous long wide cup

(B299) 5.49 (Pack of 15)
(C299) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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A rich yellow perianth and trumpet deeply frilled and open at the mouth. This is a tall grower and excellent for borders or cut flowers.

(W607) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(W608) 8.98 (Pack of 30)
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One of the largest and most perfect yellow Daffodils, colour deepest gold of extraordinary depth and brilliant intensity, faultless in form and flawless in its exquisite quality and wonderfully smooth, fine texture. Exceptionally…

(W609) 5.99 (Pack of 15)
(W610) 8.99 (Pack of 30)
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A superb mixture of the most popular Trumpet daffodils available. Unique trumpet shaped blooms in spring are a joy to behold.

(B318) 11.99 (Pack of 50)
(E318) 23.98 (Pack of 150)
(G318) 135.00 (Pack of 1000)
7 products
products per page: