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Daffodils - Jonquilla

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A stunning collection of Narcissi Mixed. Very beautiful when grown in pots under cold glass and not in the house or warm conservatory

(B273) 7.49 (Pack of 30)
(E273) 14.98 (Pack of 90)
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A fine Jonquil of deep buttercup yellow, up to three or four flowers per stem. This extremely free flowering, sweetly scented narcissi is an excellent choice to add some colour to your patio pots or at front of your rockery…

(W541) 4.99 (Pack of 15)
(W542) 6.98 (Pack of 30)
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Three to five very fragrant flowers per stem from mid April. Ht 30cm.

(B270) 4.99 (Pack of 15)
(C270) 7.98 (Pack of 30)
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Lemon yellow petals with a creamy white cup. Height 25cm.

(B267) 4.99 (Pack of 15)
(C267) 7.98 (Pack of 30)
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This neat jonquilla variety bears single, circular yellow flowers that are highly scented. They have a golden yellow perianth that will slowly fade to cream as the flowers mature.

(B268) 4.99 (Pack of 15)
(C268) 7.98 (Pack of 30)
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These star shaped blooms will display yellow primrose petals, with the deepest of tangerine orange cups. They are a profuse bloomer that will produce 2 to 3 flowers on a stem.

(B265) 4.99 (Pack of 15)
(C265) 7.98 (Pack of 30)
6 products
products per page: