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This robust eremurus will bear giant orange-pink flowers and is often chosen for its colourful appearance. It is an excellent choice as it id very hardy and naturalises very well.

(B884) 6.99 (Pack of 3)
(C884) 10.98 (Pack of 6)
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A very hard perennial that will produce some of the most beautiful giant spikes, with elegant racemes, closely set with golden-yellow flowers. They have narrow foliage that is exceptionally effective when left to naturalise…

(B883) 6.49 (Pack of 3)
(E883) 12.98 (Pack of 9)
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A beautiful new white variety, reaching heights of 1.2m - 1.5m.

(B885) 5.99 (Each)
(E885) 11.98 (Pack of 3)
3 products
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